Hello everyone!

Welcome and Thank you for visiting my Website! 

I am Svetlana — a children and family photographer since 2014.

Whether the beautiful things are the mess my daughter leave behind, the real emotions that are stirring through my heart, the golden rays of a setting sun, the connection between siblings or the love a mother and father gives their child- those are the things I want to capture. The things that you want to remember in the years to come.

I would be very happy to help you capture some of your life’s most precious moments. 

I´m based and work in in Great Britain, London and Austria, Vienna & Carinthia and it gives me an opportunity to travel around to capture the most beautiful stories. I photograph elopements and weddings in Iceland, Austria, Italy, France and of course I am always open to travel to others places for capturing the most beautiful stories. 

Your true life stories — simple, emotional and unique.

Svetlana Reicher

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